Time Management Skills for Gamers

4 Time Management Lessons from World of Warcraft

After shamelessly promoting the Pedra Branca picture on my site, lots of people have asked me for advice on time management. To be more specific, the exact phrase is "how come you are so free ah?". Its actually very simple - excellent time management! If you follow these tips, they will hopefully help you free up more time to level that Death Knight!

1. Quick Wins Are The Best Wins

My 2's arena team ran Hunter/Warrior. Win or lose, most games were over in less than a minute. Quick wins are the best wins IRL too, so do the things that are easiest to do first. These include things like ironing your clothes out to dry - how hard is that? Just defend the stables and hang out your laundry. This has the benefit of boosting your productivity and morale because "omg i am getting so much done". After a couple of these quick wins, move on to the more important stuff. Unfortunately, with Hunter/Warrior team composition, most of the time we got quick losses - which brings me to my next point.

2. If You Can Get Quick Wins, Get Quick Losses

This comes from those "lose 10 games fast" teams. An important time management lesson can be learnt from this, which is, make the best of what you have. Don't waste time waiting for perfect everything. "Real life" is full of RNG's (random number generators AKA luck) and even if you have less than ideal setup, just get something together to give it a shot.

3. No Time for Down Time

Never waste time waiting. Only scrubs wait around the Battlemasters for their BG queue to pop. If this is you, queue from Shattrath then pop out of the city and kill some spiders for Netherweb silk. That shit sells for 10g-15g depending on your server.

Similarly, plan all your offline activities for server maintenance week. I play from Oceanic time, so servers go down right smack in the evening. I used to wait around for servers to come back up, to eagerly log in and squander my precious arena points. No longer! These days I've learnt to schedule important things to do during server maintenance week. I also have all the gear/gems I can buy with arena points :(

Some ideas for what you can do include:
- Wash/Iron your laundry
- Buy groceries
- Meet your (real-life) friends (if any)

4. Time Management Tools

Time management tools are very important. One of the most useful tools when grinding honor is an egg-timer. This way, you can set the alarm for 4 minute blocks and "defend" a graveyard. In the meantime, you can wash your face, troll the ret pally forums, play with different specs on wowhead, drink more coffee to stay up late and game more... the possibilities of 4-minute activities are endless - and all this with an egg-timer! Won't cost you more than $5 and comes with the added benefit of helping you cook eggs.

How to make boiled eggs
Boil some water in a pot
Put in 2 eggs
Hard boiled eggs - 15 minutes
Soft boiled eggs - 4 minutes

(updated 5rd Nov 2008)

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