A Brief Tribute to the True Guitar God.

Guan Gong is traditionally portrayed as a red-faced warrior with a long lush beard. While his beard and fighting prowess was renowed throughout the Records of Three Kingdoms, another side of him was rarely mentioned because of the fear and jealousy it elicited. This was the fact that Guan Gong was the first and unsurpassed Guitar God. In fact, his guitar playing skills made people explode, and his face was red because he could hardly contain the power of ROCK. This description of him appears in a Rare Chinese Text:

“GUAN GONG stood over his slain enemies, their multitude of corpses lying strewn around the battlefield. As he surveyed the carnage, he raised his weapon in the sky and it transformed into a ELECTRIC GUITAR (approximate english translation of an ancient Chinese word). Powered by LIGHTNING that split the heavens, his eyes glowed as he shredded, and the earth exploded before him. The pure scream from his guitar sliced through the moans of the dying, as his army cheered for their GUITAR GOD!”

Here is a rare image rescued from a recently discovered Ancient Chinese scroll. This proves Guan Gong was Guitar God!

Guan Gong

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