Drinking Adventures

A Brief Collection of Drinking Adventures.

absolut retard

25 March 2006

so i was out at this bar last night with my friends. i went outside to answer my phone and also smoke a cigarette, and was just standing there when i noticed there were 3 women looking directly at me and laughing. i looked behind me to see if there was something going on but there wasn't - they were definitely laughing at me. so i asked them why, and they said that they were playing a game to see how someone would react if they were all laughing at that person for no reason. so i ask them to come in and i would buy them each a shot. they agreed and all wanted tequila shots.

i went to the bar with them acting like i was going to buy them a shot and when they were distracted talking among themselves i quietly walked away. about 15 minutes later, i was outside clearing my head and smoking another stick when one of the laughing girls came up to me and knocked my beer out of my hand and was yelling and screaming at me asking me where i had gone and that i had promised to buy them drinks. i said that i was playing a game of not buying them a shot and she started yelling and screaming incoherently. some short guy she had picked up was standing there with his arm around her and i said to him that he was going to buy me a beer for my lost beer. he said he wouldn’t, but i said i was going to kick his ass if he didn’t buy me a beer. so he bought me a beer.

another 15 minutes later i'm standing out front with my female friend and the psycho bitch comes back laughing and tries to kick me in the nuts and i did that buttclench thing to block it. my friend bitchslaps the girl and everyone sitting outside just looks at us shocked. my friend went into the bar when the rest of her friends started shouting from inside, but the bartender told all those girls to leave. all of this over one shot. some people are insane! this shit happens to me fairly regularly, which is strange because i'm pretty laid back and not out to get people at all.