Billy Harvey - Soft Blade


Billy Harvey

he bought a long sword
had it fitted with a soft blade
took his money to the dog run
made a bundle on a greyhound
bought some whiskey and a pink rose
called the woman that he knew well
he drove his mazda to the car wash
fixed his hair and rang the doorbell

read a poem from her notebook
poured some whiskey in a tall glass
took his clothes off on the futon
hit the snooze on the alarm clock
left her sleeping in the bedroom
put his necktie in his pocket
drank some whiskey from the bottle
shut the door and didn't lock it

drove his mazda to the shoreline
found a bench and watched the sun rise
called a buddy on the cellphone
made some plans to meet up later

remember all about the birthday
and the long sword and the soft blade
drove like hell to find his nephew
the one that liked to do karate

wah piang eh