Biker Yarets World Trip

Go, go Yarets, Living The Dream!

Some people thought Singapore to Beijing Overland was crazy. Its not - its AWESOME - and tonight, I met the man who is living the dream. Hanging out right outside Parklane was Yarets and his trusty BMW bike, his route details and newspaper clippings from around the world lovingly pasted. At first I gawked at the sight - but curiousity got the better of me (as usual) and I peered for a closer look. I had so many questions for him - why was he doing this? are boxers or briefs better for long-haul riding? Luckily, I just kept my mouth shut and took some pictures with THE MAN! GO GO YARETS!

Why is Yarets riding around the world?

Why is Yarets riding around the world?

Yarets motorbike! BMW F650GS

Yarets motorbike - BMW F650GS
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Yarets route so far...

Yarets Route So Far
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And his map!

Yarets map
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No trip to Singapore is complete without this!

Yarets Souvenir from Singapore!

Yarets Taking A Picture

Yarets Taking A Picture

Yarets gets a picture with me in my only polo t-shirt

Yarets and I

Great to meet you Yarets, and best of luck on the rest of your travels!
You can read all about him here at

(updated 9th Dec 2008)

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